in collaboration with Adolfo Kaplan

This brick installion serves as a memory device; the bricks symbol of progress and architecture are transformed into a pendant hanging score.

volver al sur


This was the first land installation I made when I arrived in Chile in 2014; the idea came during a walk through the territory after a fire in the nearby mountains. 
I found a burned plant, these types of shrubs were everywhere, I started to pick them up and removed their burnt leaves that had a beautiful color and texture; I decided to make a line that resonated along a part of the hill, this was my way of releating with this new environment; an offering to the complexity of this land.




I have always been interested in arranging objects in space; with this minimal installation, the idea was to use six sculptures of the French architect/artist  Anne Sophie Demare to make them interact with other sound objects within the space.
I wanted to create a simple scenography of sound, sculptures and a cat.